Our brands for Marketers

These are our services to help you monetize your websites, games or apps.

Wannads is the platform that allows you to monetize a website, application or game. Our different tools enable our publishers to earn money from those users who do not generate a direct profit. We can provide automatized, segmented and automatically translated offers from more than 100 countries.

Admantium is our affiliate marketing platform. Promote our campaigns and maximize your profits. We connect affiliates with the best traffic to advertisers with the most beneficial and exclusive offers. We specialize in incentive-based advertising.

Easy Surveys gives you the opportunity to participate in different market studies and, therefore, that your opinion is taken into account in the decisions of tomorrow. Our survey router, with only a few personal data, wants to give everyone the opportunity to be rewarded for filling out the best surveys available on the net. Promote our surveys on your site and reward your users.